Milagro (Miracle) — Shelter

Location: Waldorf, Maryland

Milagro is truely a miracle dog an he is my hero! I adopted him from Puerto Rico. At the age of 2 mths old he was apparently beaten (almost to death). He suffered a traumatic brain injury(which caused his brain to swell) as well as a fractured hind leg. He was then placed in a box, unable to respond to anything and dumped on the side of the road. A wonderful lady who runs a rescue there found him minutes away from death from his injuries and heat stroke. She rushed him to the animal hospital where it was found that he was also suffering from trying to pass stones (literally rocks he had eaten from starvation). After a couple of days he came home but they were still not sure how he would be due to his head trauma. He could do nothing but lay around crying in pain. I followed his story from the 1st day he was found and kept in contact with his rescue mom. I knew I wanted to adopt him an give him the best life I could even if he was special needs. He had to relearn how to do everything all over again. His rescue mom was so patient with him teaching him to eat, to drink, to walk again (his fractured leg had to heal on its own due to not being able to put him under anesthesia for the surgery needed because of the brain swelling), basically how to be a puppy again. Milagro did survive and I adopted him Nov. 2020 at 7mths old. He is still healing an he does have some neurological deficits from his TBI, he is partialy blind but he is a happy dog an he is living a good life so far!

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