Miss Bailey Ann — Shelter

Location: Berlin, Pennsylvania

My dog isn’t a Hero like most dog are. She doesn’t save people from rubble,never saved someone from a fire. She did step up for me when I needed her the most. When Bailey was a pup her owner was a little boy, maybe 8 yr old with luekemia who needed to home her. People on fb found out my dog died and that I wanted Bailey but my car was broken so they got together and each drove about three hr one way from Iowa to Pittsburgh where I brought her home to Berlin pa. She was a handful. She hated me I felt. She tore my jeans twice with me in them! We worked through it. I begin training her in obedience, agility,fun tricks. She passed her CGC test. She became a therapy dog in nursing homes and special needs day programs. She came far from chasing me down to bite me. Then one day I was injured at work. Hit in the head. Without training she seen me have a panick attack and jumped on me pressing her body tight to me. Laying her head against me hugging me. I then took her to stores with me and when I became confused she would take me back to my car no matter where it was parked. Only once messing up and taking me to a wing restaurant lol. She was never specifically trained as a service dog yet seemed to know what I needed. I would not have made it through that period without her. Who would have guessed that an aggressive little basset hound from Iowa would grow up to be my right hand dog.

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