Mobely — Shelter

Location: Yonkers, New York

Mobley is the love of my life. I rescued him from a sanctuary in Florida when I went for my freshman year in college. I have mental health issues and decided to get myself an emotional service animal and this wonderful woman named Eden was the only person who would adopt a dog to me and this dog was Mobley. He’s had a very rough life he was brought into a shelter when he was less than a year old with a chain that grew into his neck and required three surgeries to remove it. He was also completely emaciated. He was rescued by this woman Eden and rehabilitated at her sanctuary and eventually adopted out. When Eden did a home check she found that he was once again abandoned and left there on his own so she took him back and rehabilitated him again. Fast forward 2 1/2 years when I met Mobley and it was love at first sight. Eden was so wonderful and let me have a trial period with him and I was unable to give him up. I wound up withdrawing from school because of my mental health issues and I needed to come home. Mobley came home with me He is my best friend and he is now my emotional support animal and comes with me wherever I go. I am currently in college again now in Massachusetts and Mobley is right by my side at all times. We have saved each other.

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