Moose — Service

Location: Marietta, Georgia

Moose is an amazing dog, and despite all of his hardships, he has powered through and helped me become a strong individual. The first year and a half of his life were spent racing before he came to me. As a retired racing greyhound, he didn’t know much when we met, but he knew I needed him and I knew he needed me. Moose began training a few weeks after meeting the world outside of racing, and he began doing all of the things I needed him to. I call him my derp, my noodle, but what I should really be calling him is a hero. That picture is a still from a video, where he provided a perfect alert and response to the beginnings of a panic attack. On one of his first days being in college with me, he had mastered exactly what I needed him to, and we’ve been partners ever since.

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