Na’amah — Service

Location: Portland, Oregon

I rescued Na’amah from a high-kill shelter, with no intention of training her for service work. I have PTSD and any time I was having an attack, she always wanted to help me and showed a high willingness to work. I trained Na’amah to become my Psychiatric Service Dog. When an attack is starting, Na’amah will alert me of my rising anxiety levels & elevated heart rate & breathing. She will help me ground myself and get me through the attack before it gets bad. When I have a nightmare, she will wake me up and help me the same way. When my attacks are bad, I end up hitting myself in the head, often making myself bleed, Na’amah will interrupt my self-harm and pin me down so I cannot hit myself and assist while the attack passes.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is more common than people realize. Invisible monsters, such as PTSD, can become silent killers, and it is so important to discuss these monsters and find a treatment and cure for it. Not all disabilities are visible but all disabilities are valid and Service Dogs are life-savers.

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