Nash Duvall — Service

Location: Portland, Tennessee

He has been a blessing for me since husband passed (got him after he passed as pup -picked me out of 12 pups- to keep me company but made himself a service dog). If not for him I would not go/do things, I’d be on floor & no one would know. he helps me & others in so many ways. He started 8 wks old when I fell he helped me up, trained himself, passed training with flying colors & used as honor dog to help others pass, warned me others having health issues (heart attack/epilepsy/high blood pressure & stoped me from my episodes. I’m always first for him but helps others. Everyone loves him & he loves everyone. Portland calls him famous Nash. He’s been on local news 5times, Instagram, 6 websites, met 6 stars, volunteer at events trainer ask him to partake & we just did a mini movie on service dog to be shown in schools/pbs to teach them about service dogs. He is my sidekick, my everything & I wouldn’t be able to do/go without him. He always watching out for me not matter what. I never worry about my disability stopping me from doing things because he’s there to help when I need him. All know how much he has helped me & know he’s the perfect dog for me & my safety of living alone. Since day 1 he has helped me in so many ways both physically & mentally.

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