Navajo — Shelter

Location: Bennett, Colorado

Navajo came to me from Tx as a foster when he was 4 mth old & stable enough to travel to CO. Navajo was found on the side of the road bleeding from his nose and mouth. After evaluation it was determined that he is the victim of abuse. Navajo suffered 2 fracture to his upper jaw and a fractured lower jaw along with a fracture to his radius/ulna in his right front leg. A lot of his teeth were broken during the attack. He came with fixators in his jaws and leg to stabilize the broken bones. He had surgery to remove the fixators and to remove all the broke teeth and roots that were damaged. As a result of this his tongue hangs out all the time. After this surgery he became very lame in that right front leg. Evaluation showed that the radius/ulna had fused together so surgery was performed to separate them. He was still showing signs of lameness in that leg and there was talk of amputation. After everything hes been though I wasn’t about to let them start carving him up so he started therapy at Canine Rehab & Conditioning Group. Doing hydrotherapy & exercises. Navajo shows so much excitement for life & is such a fighter I’m going to give him a change to be a puppy without loosing anymore body parts. Navajo participates in Therapy & tries his hardest at everything he is asked to do. Because of therapy his right leg is almost equal in size to his left & there is very little sign of a limp. After everything he has been through he shows everyone love & has completely forgiven humans.

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