Ninja — Service

Location: Newnan, Georgia

The military left me fairly broken. My constant fears of failure and abandonment became a reality when I was medically discharged for my depression. Anxiety and fear became unbearable. The desire to not live was really strong. I had no one to love me. I had no confidence. My family was a thousand miles away and my discharge from the military left me ostracized from the friend I made throughout my career. In 2018, my life changed. I fell in love with ninja the first time I looked at him. He was already trained as a service dog but had not found his true match. One night on a trip to a veteran event, I suffered several attacks of anxiety that resembled seizures. Ninja constantly came to the front of the car to check on me. That’s when I knew I had a new best friend, something that cared for me. He would never hurt or abandon me. Ninja and I began working together and training. He never left my side. I even taught him to say “I love you.” Ninja knows when I need him the most and will lay on top of me or next to me when I’m at my worst and he knows I need him. He’s the sweetest boy! One of my favorite tasks ninja does is retrieval of objects. He brings my shoes, his leash, and my keys to me. This boy is really smart and he works to assure me that I have a life buddy and an unconditional love that he gives. At my lowest point, I considered taking my life. I was ready to commit the act, but I looked at ninjas sweet brown eyes that assured me it was going to be ok. Ninja is my hero!

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