Nova — Service

Location: La Vernia, Texas

Nova is my medical equipment that helps me be more independent. But she is not only medical equipment, she is also my best friend. I know it sounds cheese but hear me out.

When I was in college I found out that I suffer from panic attacks, anxiety attacks and depression along with other medical conditions. I was told I could have an ESA in the dorms with me. This led me to fine Nova in a shelter. I adopted her thinking she would be a great companion when I’m stressed not knowing everything she was capable of helping me with.

Later in the year my grandma past away and I took it really hard. Nova was there for me when I had no friends or family around (My college was more than 6 hours away from home). She was the one to keep me going and help me get through the tough times.

After a few months I talked to my doctor about everything going on and she recommended a service dog. At the time I had no idea what a service dog was. I did a lot of research and decided to train Nova to be mine. It took about 2 years but it was worth every second. Now there is not a day that I don’t thank her for doing her job. It makes me sad that because she started at an older age she will only be working for a few more years. But I’m greatful for all the time that we still have together as a team and even for the years after her retirement.

She has saved my life more times than I can count.

Thank you for reading about my amazing girl Nova. I hope her stories makes you smile.

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