Oakley — Service

Location: Logansport, Indiana

I got Oakley as a little puppy with the intention of showing her in obedience shows. She was my first ever dog! We had immediately bonded on our car ride home. I had been looking into training costs for a service dog for quite awhile to help with a brain condition I have called chiari malformation. I was soon diagnosed with various mental health conditions including ptsd, anxiety and depression. This pushed me to start training. I have completely owner trained her from the start. She has quickly picked up on natural alerts such as my headaches and was easily trained to alert to my heart rate. She does numerous tasks to help with my chiari and also with my mental health conditions. Oakley has quite honestly saved my life. She has gone to get help from others when I was down. She has gotten me to safe places before I had an episode and has overall given me a reason to continue fighting through my personal issues. This dog will do anything it takes to make sure I am safe and ok including using her ears and lips as my own sensory relief. She has been by my side through so much just in this last year. She deserves the title of American hero dog because she is simply my hero and my lifeline. I can’t imagine my life without her.

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