O’Hara — Guide / Hearing

Location: Canton, Massachusetts

Once while crossing a street, I gave O’Hara her “forward” command. As a guide dog it is not her decision to tell me when to cross, but rather it is her job to tell me if I made the right choice. While we were about halfway across the road, an oncoming car decided they no longer wanted to wait for us to fully cross. I felt the rush of the cold wind brush the back of my neck. as the air filled with a loud “whooshing” sound. Without hesitation, O’Hara pulled me safely to the curb with purpose. As I realized what had happened, I leaned down next to her crying. Hugging her, I thanked her for saving my life. If I had been using a white cane, this story may have ended differently. O’Hara saved my life, and never asked anything in return…except for love. She is my sweet guiding hero. This is only one instance of the many ways she has saved my life.

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