Olaf — Shelter

Location: Cantonment, Florida

October of 2015, a group of dogs were confiscated from a known dog fighting situation in Ontario, Canada. While in the custody of the humane society, the adult dogs received a behavior evaluation by the IAWO. Olaf was born in custody and therefore, was not formally evaluated and was considered suitable for placement at the conclusion of the court case.

Olaf was maintained by the Humane Society in Canada for almost 2 years after confiscation while an outcome was deliberated. The level of interaction by caretakers for many of the adult dogs was limited, the puppies were interacted with more and some were able to engage with other dogs.

In August of 2017, Dog Tales Rescue obtained custody of all the dogs and transported them from Ontario to the US for further evaluation and/or placement. Olaf was considered an adoptable young dog and arrived at a rescue in Jacksonville while the adult dogs with behavioral concerns were sent directly to the Canine Center, Florida, for specialized intervention.

After another 2 years in rescue, Olaf was then transferred to CCF to provide him with an enhanced quality of life, training and the behavior modification that would hopefully prepare him for adoption in a home environment.

As a Professional Foster and trainer hired by Dogs Playing For Life as Olaf’s next step to his forever, introducing him to a home environment and then looking for his forever home. Olaf deserves to have his story known because so many helped in saving his life!

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