Oliver Queen (Ollie) — Service

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Oliver(Ollie) came to me at 1.5 years old. He was in pretty bad shape. He was scared of everything, smelled really bad and had never seen a doctor. His pervious owner told me that he was destructive and she just couldn’t handle him anymore. I brought him home, and he refused to come inside. We had to carry him in and teach him that it was OK.

I was a dog trainer at the time, and was not looking for a dog for myself but for a client. Within the first week he was a velcro dog, and by week 2 he had started alerting to my health issues on his own. I was very fortunate that my client was also one of my best friends and when I called him he already knew. Ollie and I were inseparable. I am a permanent and total service connected army veteran, and Ollie is my partner and best friend but also my nurse. Since then, we have been through alot. He spent the next 2 years learning everything he could to help me and even offered help before I asked. He learned how to protect my head, and then go get help when I fall, pick up things, close doors, pull a wheelchair (probably his favorite), alert to multiple potential life-threatening medical changes in my body, as well as about 20 other works/tasks. He has done MRIs with me, been in the post op room to bring me out of anesthesia, hes rode on boats, themepark rides, and even sat in the back seat of a small airplane. As long as he’s with me, there’s nothing he wont do. He’s has come so far from the scared dog I brought home that day.

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