Oria Bone — Shelter

Location: Katy, Texas

Oria came into my life 5 weeks after my dog of almost 13 years of age passed away. I prayed for a dog that would fit with me and my other dog…I was crying everyday and my other dog was howling…we were two broken creatures, I was also losing weight ,my mental and emotional state and even my physical condition was suffering…I searched shelters online and even went to one shelter but couldn’t find anything that eased my aching heart, I decided to not keep searching and settle on a dog, however, I had pleaded with God for that special dog that would be the perfect fit…On the day I was going to call the shelter I had a feeling I should check my email, so I did and there I saw Oria, my heart Jumped and I had chill bumps on both arms…I knew that was confirmation this dog was a custom answer to my prayers…Oria is indeed a hero to not just me but to my other dog as well…my life and my other dog have improved so much! At fit my other dog would ignore Oria, but Oria won her heart too…Oria loves everyone and all animals…Oria has taken the sting out of our pain and mended our broken hearts with hers and healed our hearts..Oria is small but is a huge Hero!! And should be recognized.

Thank you!

Gloria, Oria, and Edwena

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