Oscar — Shelter

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Oscar is a Korean Jindo rescued from a Korean Dog Meat farm. He was shut down when he first entered a shelter at 7-months old , so I became his foster. Many dogs coming into a shelter carry baggage, though not like Oscar’s. People want the perfect dog but don’t realize it takes work on their part. After 4 months in my home, I knew Oscar would never be what people see as the perfect dog. I had also become attached to him, even with his quirks. And I was putting in the work!

Working with a trainer every couple of weeks, Oscar made slow progress. We began teaching him his target word, “good.” We moved on to “look.” Slowly, Oscar began doing “normal” dog things. It took a year, January 2019, before Oscar took treats from my hand. In late September 2019, Oscar started to seek me out to be petted. October 2020, Oscar sat on the couch for the first time. November 2020, he began following me to the basement. Winter 2020-21, Oscar started venturing to the far back of our yard and behind our garage, without me. January 2021, Oscar started sleeping at the top of our stairs, just down the hall from my bedroom. Oscar is what a shelter dog looks like. They aren’t perfect. They have issues. We need to help them overcome their issues. The photo of Oscar is from last December. A picture of him sitting so proud and confident would not have happened three years ago. P.S. The website that listed Oscar didn’t have Jindo as a breed, so he was listed as a Shiba Inu.

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