Otis — Service

Location: Warren, Michigan

Otis was (approximately) born in Detroit on 8/29/12 and found about two months later by his first rescue group. He was adopted and around 6 months later just suddenly dumped back at a different rescue. I was looking at a different dog on this specific rescues page and then i seen Otis. I immediately knew that this was the dog for me and I filled out an application and scheduled an appointment to meet him. When I went the next day to meet Otis I fell in love and that Saturday at the adoption event Otis became mine. But once we got home I noticed that he was very nervous. I went outside to play fetch assuming that would make him more comfortable and as I started to throw overhand he shot down. I stood there shocked. After that incident and others I came to conclusion that his past was not the best. This dog needed serious help, which I devoted every spare second to. A few months passed and our bond was stronger than ever and I started to notice how he would get antsy when I would have a low blood sugar. I turned to social media posting how I researched about Diabetic Alert dogs and how Otis’s behaviors were giving me impressions that he was intuitive to the change in my blood sugar. Another handler contacted me saying that I should try out training and the rest is history. Within a short year this fearful dog transformed into one of the most confident and smartest dogs I have ever owned. I may have saved his life but every day since he saved mine.

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