Ozzie — Service

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Ozzie is my multi-purpose service dog who has saved my life many times is the past year. He’s a rough collie/Australian Shepard cross who has just recently turned 2 years old.

I feel like he deserves the title of American Hero Dog because he’s been living his whole life to keep me alive yet happily does so everyday regardless of the people who say he ‘just wants to be a dog’. He’s kept me from injuring myself by falling, waking me up at night when my heart rate spikes past 150, alerting me to migraines before they come, and so much more.

Not only have I found a life saver in this dog, I’ve found my best friend and soulmate. I could never have asked for a better partner to keep me safe everyday. There’s so much I could say about him but the character limit is 1500 and I wouldn’t have enough space.

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