Patch — Law Enforcement and Detection

Location: Manchester, New Hampshire

Patch is a police comfort dog who exemplifies compassion when dealing with victims of crime and those that have been through a traumatic experience. He works with children and adults. Paired with his officer, he also provides support to other officers that are dealing with stress and can help de-escalate raw emotions from a difficult job. Patch’s ability to stay focused during chaotic times, interviews, and debriefings make it so there can be comfort in the most trying of times. The best work Patch does will not be seen by the public but will be FELT by the victims that needed the help the most. One example is when Patch was able to calm a 4 year old non-verbal autistic child found wondering in the street alone. Patch was able to accompany the child to the hospital and ultimately reunite with his mother. Witnessing how this dog was able to bring a community together is truly inspiring and he is the best candidate for this category.

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