Pepper — Shelter

Location: Milton, Florida

A very cold night here in Pensacola, a stray dog was having her puppies in the county shelter. I had volunteered to take her and the puppies into my home as a foster. Once settled into the warm home, Pepper, a name which the shelter gave her, and her babies thrived with enough food, shelter and love. Pepper never left my home. She was so happy with our family of other dogs and critters, I had to adopt her. A foster fail, the street dog settled into our life and at night joined the other 3 dogs on my bed. Pepper always had to touch me during the night, and for several years had nightmares that took hugs and petting to settle her. January 21, 2021, around 1:30 am Pepper batted my face with her nose until I awoke. Opening my eyes I saw the ceiling around the ceiling fan was red with fire. I quickly yelled for all dogs to get out of the bedroom. As soon as we all cleared the bedroom doorway, I turned and saw the fan fall into the bed, with sparks and flames, right where I had laid one second ago. I was able to get all my dogs parrot and cat outside and called the fire company who was able to contain the fire to the bedroom. If Pepper, my rescue street dog, had not awakened me, the ceiling fan would have fallen on me and the result may have been harmful or even death for my self and my canine family. Pepper still must touch me at night but I still do not mind my Hero dog’s paw or nose on my arm or leg. Pepper will always be my hero.

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