Pogo — Shelter

Location: Orem, Utah

This is pogo! He is my 7yr old mini poodle. I got him a year ago from a rescue vet shelter. He previously was rescued from a hoarding situation. I don’t know much of his backgrounds. All I know is he never was properly taken care of and loved! However, it seems he had a rough 6yrs to start with. When I first got him, he was very timid, I don’t even think he knew what a warm bed and petting was. He didn’t know many commands aside from sit. Little by little he has been learning. I would notice things here and there with his behavior, meaning he gave me an understanding of his backgrounds. Anytime he would see me picking up a broom or anything big of some sort, he would coward. It broke my heart thinking someone would harm him. He developed separation anxiety with me, although little by little I’ve been trying to get him used to things, it still a struggle. Anyone with rescued dogs or from shelters know sometimes it can take time. This picture here was taken by me on a saturday morning while walking. He sat perfectly watching the Sun and he looked so peaceful. At that moment, he made me realized that he knew he was in a safe environment and with people who love him. Some people say I rescued him but in reality, he rescued me! I don’t think I would be here if it wouldn’t be for him. He has that intuition that he knows when I am not well and he comforts me not only by his kisses but he presses his head against mine. Letting me know, everything will be ok, for both of us!