Quigley — Shelter

Location: Monroe, Washington

Our rescue dog Quigley came to us as if it was written in the stars- we found her right after we unexpectedly lost our previous dog. In her previous “life,” Quigley was kenneled for breeding. She was part of an owner surrender as her previous owners were both dying of different forms of cancer. At the end of April 2020, Quigley had a massive stroke (the exact words of her neurologist). When we first brought her to the emergency vet, they weren’t exactly sure what was going on. The following morning, they got us in to see a neurologist who wanted to do an MRI. Before the MRI, they still weren’t sure what was going on and we were even briefed about the possibility of her not being a candidate for being waken-up depending on what they found during the MRI. As we waited for the results, we were coming to terms about the possibility of not seeing Quigley again. The neurologist described her “textbook massive stroke” as the best possible outcome! We weren’t sure about her recovery (and as someone who has a stroke victim in my family), we knew there would be trials and tribulations ahead. (The picture submitted is from the day after she came home.) Quigley has done so well in recovering- she could barely walk at the beginning of her recovery! Most recently after a vet visit, they found some mammary tumors on her and we have surgery scheduled in a couple weeks (Quigley is taking some medication for an infection). We hope to add breast cancer survivor to stroke survivor!

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