Quinn — Shelter

Location: Williamsburg, Colorado

Quinn started out life where he endured unspeakable abuse from his alcoholic owners. In his second home, he was loved, but became the victim of a nearly fatal dog attack which left him disfigured and terrified of other dogs, people, and of life in general. He was facing being put down, as his intense fear and massive physical injuries made it impossible to return home. As the trainer who was called in, I fostered him through his rehab and ended up adopting him.

Quinn went through his rehabilitation in a way that inspired me. Though he was in a lot of pain, he exuded JOY. He didn’t wallow in his circumstances. He celebrated being alive and being loved, right in the moment. His goofy, fun-loving personality broke through the pain and Quinn brought smiles along with happy tears. His inner joy spread hope and illuminated the darkness wherever he went.

Through three surgeries (to drain the fluid off his skull), to removal and re-stitching of his legs (which were opened to tendons/bone), Quinn continued to exhibit this inner strength and joy. Each surgery left him sick from the anesthesia, yet he always had a tail wag and attempted the silly grin he is infamous for.

I have MS. On hard days I look at how amazing Quinn was through his ordeal, and it makes me stronger. Quinn is now going be joining me sharing his story in schools, churches and more. He has a lot to teach people; and I am honored to join him on this journey.

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