Quinn — Therapy

Location: Somerset, Wisconsin

Therapy Dog at local elementary school in Camarillo CA, going into the classrooms of 1st & 2nd grades and a Special Needs Class (3,4 & 5 grades) The teacher says when Quinn comes in he works his MAGIC with the students and goes to those he senses need him the most. But does visit all in class. These kids have bad days and getting Quinn to put his head in their lap on on the desk can change their day to better. Celebrating birthday’s was very important to this class and having Quinn there giving them a Birthday card with his paw signature was the best! The other classrooms Quinn would go in and could really sense who was having a hard time that day. One girl was crying and Quinn went to her and gently put his head on her arm- she leaned over gave him a kiss on his head and said,”thank you Quinn I so needed you.” The love exchanged between child and Quinn is totally amazing. Quinn has achieved from AKC Therapy Dog Excellent, the second highest honor. Quinn is a Hero to his kiddos. Because of Covid-19 all visits have stopped and we have moved. As soon as we start our visits to our new local elementary school, the sooner Quinn can start his Magic again.

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