Radar Blip Delaney — Service

Location: Lake Charles, Louisiana

Radar Blip Delaney has basically saved my life. When I got her, I wasn’t sure what she would be. However, she took to being a service dog immediately. My sister has only recently passed away in September 2020, but I was her unofficial caretaker, which also caused me lots of stress.

It was in March 2014 that i was arrested on false charges and because of being held in solitary confinement for a night and having worries about the person who sent the corrupt people that she knew to arrest me, I got more worried and anxious.

I got Radar in January 2015 right before she turned 1. She would always be right near me and monitor how I was doing. I started making sure to train her for it since she took to the task immediately. The main training that she had to do was being housetrained and learning more commands as she was very good with me.

However, of course, I would enforce her good behavior. She will even come running from across a room and even from a warm bed if she senses that I need her.

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