Raina — Shelter

Location: Perkasie, Pennsylvania

Raina was born blind & deaf, but not mute. I adopted Raina when she was 6 months old. Raina can’t see or hear. But Raina likes to be seen & heard. She’s a fluffy girl who always has a smile on her face. She loves treats, stuffies, & naps. I trained Raina using touch commands. Raina & I volunteered for a local rescue Blind Dog Rescue Alliance. Together, Raina & I attended dog rescue events where we raised much needed funds & educated the public on dogs with special needs. With Raina’s help, I also started fostering dogs with special needs.

Raina is brave & fearless. She’s visited the beach & swam in the ocean. Raina has hiked mountains & explored Central Park in NYC. Everywhere Raina goes she shows people that disability means possibility. As a middle school music teacher, I created the Lending a Paw program which combines music education with community service. My music students performed in fundraising concerts for our local shelter. Then I started to get very sick. I was in & out of the hospital. I was eventually put on months of bed rest & a 2 year medical leave of absence from teaching music. I don’t know what I would have done without Raina by my side. Raina continued to give my life purpose. Raina reminded me that disability means possibility. Because of Raina dogs with special needs were given a second chance. Because of Raina children learned the the value in giving back to their community. Because of Raina I am a better dog mom, a better teacher, & a better person.

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