Rainbeaux — Shelter

Location: Kaneohe, Hawaii

“Indie”, now “Rainbeaux” was on the shelter kill list when she caught our attention. She had been at the shelter in CA for a long time and I knew by seeing her photo for the first time I wanted to rescue her! I had already moved to Hawaii, and I knew it would be difficult to rescue her knowing all of the challenges I would face. I worked with a local LA rescue group, Hollywood Huskies along with even reaching out to people on Rover to help me rescue her out of the shelter and foster her until she could be flown to Hawaii. It was a long almost 4 month process as Hawaii has a strict no rabies law. It went from her having no medical records to her getting her two rabies shots, a FAVN test, find fosters and sitters—even had her transported to Las Vegas and back to LA, find her transportation to her vet appointments and buy her food, bedding, travel crate and more. It was the most coordination I have ever done but it was worth the long and challenging journey. I never met her before, but somehow I knew she was meant to be part of the family. I couldn’t have done it without connecting with the rescue and strangers along the way who were willing to help! Rainbeaux was abandoned at a campground in San Bernadino and was emaciated at 37lbs. Today she weighs a full 50lbs and I couldn’t imagine life without her, and neither could her other rescued siblings! This photo shows a Happy New and First Year she’s had with us! Follow her more on IG @oceandahusky.

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