Raleigh — Service

Location: Wake Forest, North Carolina

Raleigh is a tiny dog with a very important job! Her handler tours professionally across the country working on broadway shows but unfortunately had to stop due to worsening medical conditions for sometime that would put her in the hospital. Raleigh became a life changer and allowed her handler to resume working in a career she loves while also being able to stay out of the way backstage because of her tiny size! Travel sized for her handler’s convenience. Raleigh is able to sniff out several medical conditions before they flare up that often lands her handler bed ridden in the hospital unable to move. She has successfully proven herself on numerous occasions and has improved the quality of her handler’s life tenfold by allowing her to return to touring North America and bring broadway’s hits to your city. While she be little, she be fierce. She may not be your typical retriever or German shepherd; she has a heart of gold and works just as hard as her larger counterparts. Raleigh’s handler works hard to help educate the general public about how beneficial smaller dogs for service work can sometimes be despite their stigma.