Ranger — Shelter

Location: Simsbury, Connecticut

Ranger was adopted from a rescue in Manchester Connecticut originating from a Kentucky puppy mill. On a Sunday in 1-2016, I happen to be shopping in the area and saw a event and stopped over to take a look at the dogs. I had been looking for many months and filling out applications for adoption, never hearing back. I am 55 yrs, own my own biz, owned two labs many years earlier who passed of old age, self-employed, kids out of college, and it was time to bring home a new puppy! I stopped in, we met eyes…he crawled inside my purse! That moment I knew we were meant to be together. He came home that day!

Ranger was perfectly healthy and active all the way up until March 2020. At that same time my health was declining as well. I was diagnosed as a diabetic months prior. I was also now very sick with shingles and COVID-19!

During all this my dog was also getting worse. He tested positive for diabetes and was very ill. I could not believe it. I took him to the vet, doggy er, I did his insulin shots, did his daily glucose checks and nursed him back to health. I was now taking care of both of us and continue to. One evening I wasn’t feeling well/very sleepy and Ranger would not leave me alone no matter what. I knew he wasn’t well, so I could not understand why he would want to play. I finally realized he was alerting ‘me’ to low blood sugar! He has save me on 3 occasions since my diagnosis!!! And I have saved him right back! It was meant to be!!! Faith Love Bond Best Friend.

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