Rayyiee — Shelter

Location: Arlington, Texas

Rayyiee was found in Oregon, in an extremely secluded area, as I had pulled my 18 wheeler off the road and stopped for the night (required by law, 10 hour break) around 7pm. I had gotten out of my truck and was sitting on a rock drinking water and eating chicken, then I saw Rayyiee hiding in the tall grass across the road; When Rayyiee realized I saw him, he tried to hide again, but I think the smell of chicken took over; He came right up to me with his tail tucked, as low to the ground as possible, looked like a skeleton, and smelled like he’d been sprayed by a skunk. This dog was not going to last another week where we were. I immediately put my hand under his mouth and started pouring water into Rayyiee, and fed him the rest of my chicken. Then I got 3 more bottled waters, and more chicken out of my truck and we ate until he was full, and must have drank 4 bottles of water. Long story short; That was 2 years ago, and he will not leave my side; I took him home to TEXAS, he met my mom, then claimed the back yard as his. This dog is crazy hyper, he loves to put on a show and entertain you; He looks to see if your watching. If you have a balloon he will go crazy for it, spin around in circles and pop it up and down in the air until it pops; He loves to play frisbee constantly, and my girlfriend has bought him more toys then we can keep up with. You cannot frown around this dog; It’s impossible. The only thing Rayyiee doesn’t like is loud noises; BEST DOG EVER

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