Reid — Service

Location: Portland, Oregon

Reid came into my life at a time when all hope was lost. My freshman year of college, I developed a severe seizure disorder overnight. Having up to 15 seizures a day, I had no choice but to drop out and move back in with my parents. I had lost all independence, all knowledge of what the future might hold, and my life became full of fear. Reid, an 8-month-old labradoodle entered my life and changed everything. Through hard work, training and facing many obstacles together, he soon learned how to respond to my seizures. Even more incredible, he started to alert to them. This allowed me to return to college and regain the independence I had lost. It isn’t just the safety he provides by alerting me, but everything he does during and after the seizures that allows me to not need another person’s assistance and feel the way that any adult should be allowed to feel. With him by my side, I can do many of the activities I love, such as travelling and exploring the incredible nature that surrounds us. Reid provides me with the essential tasks that I need from him as my service dog, but he also provides me with endless love and support. I am always learning from him and our bond never stops growing. Reid has allowed me to fully embrace and thrive with my disability. Service dogs are so much more than tools to help you function day to day. They are true heroes who allow you to live the life that you want and deserve.

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