Rek — Military

Location: Sarasota, Florida

Rek was born in September 2009. He was trained as an explosive detection dog. When Rek was 2 years old he deployed to Iraq and then Afghanistan. He conducted searches everyday to ensure all military and civilians on base were safe. When I met Rek at a NATO base in Kabul, Afghanistan, he was searching all incoming vehicles. Rek was deployed from 2011-2016. As a civilian working dog, Rek stayed overseas for his full 5 years even as his handlers went on leave. He never left. I would go to his kennel to see him and talked to the handlers. There I found out that not only do the dogs sleep on a hard surface, and not with their handlers, they were given no toys or playtime. These Civilian working dogs are much different then military. Rek has saved me from my own demons. He is always protecting anyone he meets. To this day he has to know where I am at all times. Rek still finds it hard to be a dog. He doesn’t understand play and fetch. But he is trying. He is enjoying retirement his in sunny Sarasota Florida.

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