Remington — Service

Location: Pueblo, Colorado

I didn’t get a photo of Remington when this situation happened, as I was unconcious at the time. I was hiking with another service dog handler around cloud lakes here in Colorado. The trail is between 15-20 miles long. We were on our way up to our camp site (approximately 1/2 way to the destination) and I had a really bad episode. Remington missed this alert as nothing about my demeanor changed prior to me falling. I fell directly on top of Remington (at the time he was less than 1/2 my weight). I am unsure of how he did it. But somehow he was able to get out from under me, get me turned in a better position, and helped keep my airway open. I was unconcious for at least 10 minutes before his licking finally made me come to. This situation happened in the mountains in south-west Colorado in September. The elements were definitely against us. A rain storm was rolling in, and Remington didn’t even have so much as a coat with him. But he did not leave my side for the entire time I was out. My friend finally circled back around after about 5 minutes, and when he got back to me, I was already in the process of standing back up. I fully believe that had my dog not been with me, the results of this situation… Could have been much worse. We made it to our camp site just before dusk. We never made it to the final destination. After that episode, I just wanted to go home.

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