Rhona — Shelter

Location: Costa Mesa, California

I fell in love with Rhona on instagram I saw her be saved from the meat trade in China, she had a bad front leg a sweet face and a kind heart. I knew right away she was meant to be my dog. With hours left before being sold to the slaughter house, the rescue group Slaughter house survivors in Harbin China came in and saved her along with 37 other dogs in September 2019

Rhonas right front leg most likely had been broken as a puppy, it healed in a fused t rex like position, I knew she would loose the leg but I knew her life would be so much better without a non functioning leg. In April 2020 the leg was removed and she officially became a tripod.

We adopted from the rescue group called Rescue Unleashed and brought Rhona home in May 2020, I thought we would have challenges with a dog so abused and neglected I was ready to teach her love. This could not have been further from the truth. it was Rhona who taught us and continues to teach us and everyone she meets daily about gratitude, forgiveness and second chances.

the purest heart the warmest smile.

Rhona is a hero.

she is a voice, she teaches everyone she meets a lesson, opens eyes, warms hearts. She is the truest purest gem who I believe is one of the worlds heroes.

Please consider Rhona the tripod a slaughter house survivor, for Americas hero dog awards.

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