RMWD Iiken M090 — Military

Location: Casa Grande, Arizona

Iiken M090 is a retired Military Working Dog and was trained as a Specialized Search Dog (explosives) assigned to the Army. In May 2009, he competed in an MWD competition in Missouri where he placed 2nd in Detection and Explosives. Iiken was then deployed to Afghanistan with an Army Special Forces Unit in August 2009 where he was wounded by an IED. He was returned stateside for rehab and retraining. He was then assigned to the Marine Corps where he went through another training session in May 2013 in Texas. He was also deployed to Korea in 2014 and the Philippines later the same year.

Iiken was retired from the MWD program in October 2016. He was honored with a Retirement Ceremony at the local HOHP Veteran’s Center in 2017 and was also an honoree at the Veteran’s Day Parade later that same year. Iiken still attends various Veteran functions; to include the Annual Stand Down and was the only War Dog to be enrolled! Iiken is quite the celebrity in his hometown of Casa Grande, AZ and has become an amazing advocate for the Military Working Dog. Even at the ripe age of 14 years old (he will be 15 in June 2021), when he puts on his vest, he knows it is time to go meet and greet people. Iiken is a true American Hero.

Iiken became a member of the United States Military War Dog Association in February 2017.

Photo was taken at Iiken’s Retirement Ceremony in 2017 at the HOHP Veteran’s Center in Casa Grande, AZ by Sharon Miller.

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