Rookie — Service

Location: Southbridge, Massachusetts

Rookie has been my Mobility Service Dog for over 8 yr. He has saved me twice. Once when I fell and broke my tailbone and was unable to feel below my waist for a period, he helped me get back to my home to call for help. He has also been at my side during a divorce, depression and life changing situations. He has been my rock when I am down and need a laugh he is sure to be there to put a smile back on my face. If I fall he comes to me, licks my face and if I laugh he knows I am ok. Rookie is never off duty, no matter how big or small the task he is 100% on. My life would not be what it is without his constant love and help. My family feels much better about the fact that I live alone, but not really with Rookie at my side. He truly is an Angel in golden fur.

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