Rosie — Shelter

Location: Johnstown, Pennsylvania

The reason why i am nominating Rosie for American Hero Dog is bc this little girl saved my life and i saved hers she was only 5 weeks old when we met these ladys had her well it was like rosie and i new each other i lost my rottweiler almost a year before that and it was like a part of him was in her or something well now she is our kiddo she has helped the hubby and i through so many things Rosie hasnt had a easy life herself her first 4 1/2 weeks who know what she was through the next week she went to the ladys with a bunch of kids then found me there for 3 months of her life she was having seizure type episode or something test came back normal it was weird now she is finaly 1 year old healthy and strong our whole family hubby rosie and i have a strong bond she is our angel and she is a strong girl might be small but she has a ball a fire behind her also lots of love 🙂 She is So Spoiled to this past Christmas i bought my girl over 30 toys she is the most spoiled rescue pup ever and the best mommy amd daddy love our Rosie 🙂