Rosie — Shelter

Location: Melrose, Massachusetts

Rosie has had a hard life.

She was used for breeding in Kansas. She was not let out of her cage, had a mouth full of rotting teeth, was not socialized, and has never seen things that most dogs have seen- she is afraid of leashes, pee pads, dog toys, the outdoors, any sudden noise or movement, cars, etc. When we first met her, she was cowering in the corner of the room and shaking so hard I got tears in my eyes. We knew it would be difficult, but we had to give her a chance at a better life.

Three months and fourteen tooth extractions later, Rosie has come so so far. She loves to go outside and chase her tail. She loves cuddles more than anything and wants to sit in our laps for hours. She learned to go to the bathroom outside- what a smartie! But most importantly, she has become a faithful companion and the center of our world. My husband has been struggling with his mental health recently and I can see how much Rosie has just brightened his life.

Rosie is the definition of a Hero Dog- not only did she overcome numerous obstacles, but she is an example of never giving up and not allowing your past dictate your future. We love her to absolute bits and would love the opportunity to show the rest of the country what courage came in such a small package.

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