Rowan — Service

Location: Hanford, California

Rowan was the unexpected hero I didn’t know I needed until she came into my life. She wasn’t even supposed to be a service dog originally, she was a birthday present from my husband. We got her from a shelter at nine weeks old. I learned how smart she was real quick when she taught herself how to climb over the baby gate. As she got older and I started taking her to pet friendly places I noticed that she naturally paid attention to me but it wasn’t until I started having panic attacks around her that I realized how amazing she was. She nudges me until I sit down then climbs onto my lap and nudges and licks me until I’ve calmed down and she deems that I’m ok. Having her around to do that greatly lessened the severity and length of my panic attacks and she allowed me to be able to not only take my life back but to also enjoy the outings. As my health has declined in the past few years she’s been pretty quick and willing to adapt to the new things I need her to do. Since we’ve started she’s learned to pick up on my heart rate and alerts me when it gets too high, as well as uses her weight to put pressure on areas that hurt because of my fibromyalgia. I can’t believe how amazing she and how lucky I got that she’s in my life. She’s my hero because she helps me live my best life.

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