Roxy — Shelter

Location: Golden, Colorado

Roxy was adopted from a shelter when she was four years old and almost immediately showed us her intelligence. She learned how to high-five in only a few days and in only a few months was reliable enough to wander our five acres without a leash. Her greatest accomplishment was of her own initiative to help me with my anxiety despite having anxiety herself. She became very protective of me, likely saving me from being kidnapped or something once when I was 14, at a pet store, when a man approached me in an uneasy way, and Roxy stood between me, and him and growling. Since my back had been turned until Roxy alerted me to the man I was not aware of everything that happened but a cashier who saw the whole thing rewarded Roxy after the man left, so I can only assume she saw something I didn’t and that Roxy protected me from him. She tried to help me again when I twisted my ankle on a walk and didn’t have my phone to call for help. She would go into the street to try and get cars to stop before returning to me. She unfortunately has sever separation anxiety from being at the shelter, and can be aggressive to other dogs when she is on a leash, we were never able to get her fully certified as a service dog but she passed a canine good citizen class with flying colors, and she continues to improve her manors as she gets older. She has over come a lot of her anxiety to help me with mine, and I have said it many times that if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be here now.

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