Sargent — Shelter

Location: Long Beach, California

Sarg, was abandoned and neglected and when he was found roaming the streets with another smaller dog you could tell that he was looking after that dog even though he himself was in peril from the dangers of a busy street but even through all the pain and misery he is a gentle giant he has a small poodle doggo for a pal and he is the guardian of our cats and foster cats for our small rescue. He provides foster cats with comfort and gets them use to being around a large dog breed and helps our rescue provide behavioral exercise for foster cats looking to be adopted into homes with other pets and or dogs. Long story short, Sargent (formerly Eko) was stolen from his original home as an 8- week old puppy and two years later he was abandoned in horrible conditions, weighing only 65lb fur falling off and decayed teeth, unfortunately when the owners were contacted they could not keep him any longer but with us, he found a forever home and we are so happy with him, plus he gets so much attention everywhere we go and he loves it!

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