Sasha — Shelter

Location: Spotsylvania, Virginia

This is my girl Sasha. Sasha was a rescue from a dog fighting group, where she was used as a bait dog. The lady who rescued Sasha, got her back on her feet and showed her that not all people are bad. My daughter, Kelsy and her boyfriend, Marcus, adopted Sasha and made her part of their family. When I got to meet Sasha, when the kids came to visit, she took to me right from the word hello. Sasha wanted to sit with me and wasn’t sure to go to her family or stay with me. Well Kelsy and Marcus had to go back home to North Carolina, I was sadden to see them go, and I missed having Sasha sitting with me and I missed her. A couple weeks later, I went to visit and that night Sasha slept at my feet in the bed. She stayed with me all night long, even when Marcus called to her she just laid at my feet . Before leaving Kelsy and Marcus asked me if I would like to have Sasha, they had found out they would have to move and where they were going, they couldn’t have pets. Well Sasha came home with me to Virginia and she was welcomed into our family. My two sons fell in love with her and so did my girlfriend. I served in the US Army and was injured while serving during the 80s. Unknown back in the 80s my injury was not a concussion but a TBI ( Traumatic Brian Injury). Long story short, it seemed that Sasha knew I had some issues. I guess she returned the favor of being saved, by helping and saving me from me. Love you my Sasha, thank you.

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