Sayge — Service

Location: Watertown, Wisconsin

I medically retired from the Army in 2009. I struggled for many years with PTSD and anxiety. I hated; absolutely hated going out into public places. With having kids that enjoyed going places it became more and more difficult. In June of 2020 I received Sayge who was trained my Black Jack K-9 and the Non Profit Organization called Sierra Delta. Because of Sayge I have been able to have my back procedure; where he spent the night with me in the hospital, helped me stay calm in the hospital bed and heal quicker at home. I have a companion again. He relies on me and I rely on him.

When my daughter and I go out into public to shop, do errands, or whatever it may be he is there to shift my focus rather on crowds or loud noises to him. I’m able to take my daughter to parks, libraries, restaurants and stores. My daughter has seen the change Sayge has done for me. Sayge has taken a lot of the anxiety away from even driving.

Sayge has become one of the greatest benefits to my healing and continues to support my continued life journey. He is truly my “Lifebuddy”

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