Scarlett — Shelter

Location: Cottontown, Tennessee

Scarlett was dumped at the humane society to be euthanized at 8 weeks old because she was born with spina bifida and the breeder couldn’t sell her. She was rescued by CASA rescue just before being euthanized. I saw her picture on an adoption page, and out of all the applicants, they chose me to be her mom! Scarlett is pure joy. She never has a bad day and is always happy. She loves everyone she meets, and people just fall in love with this tiny girl. She is 5.5 lbs of pure love. We started an Instagram almost a year ago and are spreading the word about special needs dogs and rescue. Special needs dogs can have such a beautiful life. When I adopted Scarlett, I was depressed and going through a rough time in my life. But this little girl was so happy and bouncy, she couldn’t help but spread happiness everywhere she went, and soon I was loving life again.

Scarlett has spina bifida. She is missing part of her spine and tail, the lower part of her spine is twisted, and her little back legs are weak. She uses both back legs together as one to propel herself forward, so often people ask if she is tri-pawed. But she doesn’t know she is different. She loves to run, and has adapted to every situation. She is incontinent and wears a tiny diaper, which looks adorable on her. If Scarlett could talk, she would tell people to take a chance on a special needs dog. Don’t be scared to love someone differently abled. You will be rewarded with more love than you will ever know!

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