Scout — Shelter

Location: Amherst, Ohio

Scout is definitely worth the title “American Hero Dog!” One morning Scout wakes up and my mom is down in the basement on the third floor doing laundry before work. The dog runs down two flights of stairs, barking and agitated. My mom told her to stop it! Scout runs toward the basement stairs as she’s barking while proceeding upward. My mom followed her up the basement stairs as she went left to let her out to go potty. Scout refused to follow and went to the right still barking going up the next flight of stairs to the top floor. My mom followed her up the second flight and looks at Scout. Scout looks at her and continues to bark, leading her to my grandfather collapsed on the floor! Scout has no training and no experience in emergencies or the concept necessary to be a qualified service dog! She’s always on top of it from a minor cut or scrape to a true emergency that needs medical assistance as soon as possible! She’s loyal, observant, loving and patient! These are the most important qualities and if it weren’t for her, my grandfather would have been gone much earlier than anticipated! She’s the top dog when it comes to being a hero. She’s a rescue but honestly you’d never expect a rescue to be so diligent and alert to situations like the one that day! She’s a hero for all of us and especially my grandpa! We are all so thankful and overwhelmed with love, and joy to have her! We wouldn’t trade her for the world!

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