Serjio — Therapy

Location: El Segundo, California

Serjjo’s story begins in a puppy mill where he was born and treated badly. I rescued him at three months old and though he was extremely ill this was the beginning of an amazing journey.

Started his training immediately , he is a fast learner excelling in obedience and tricks we ended up getting certified when he was 10 months old.

Serjio and I have worked in every kind of facility volunteering 3-4 times a week, a few favorites were the Veteran’s facility, Keck USC medical center, Providence little Co. Of Mary and White Memorial but if I’m being really honest we loved every facility we visited.

We’ve been volunteering regularly for over 9 years, currently Serjio and I have been with Alliance of Therapy Dogs going on 6 years and now spend our volunteer time working at LAX in the PUP program.

The airport really is a stressful place and it’s such a pleasure being able to bring someone’s anxiety down a notch, my little man really knows how to bring a smile and love to those who need it. Serjio does travel in a stroller now due to his IVDD (that’s a whole other story) this makes it easier on his back and easier for people to pet him.

We’re still on the front lines during this current virus outbreak, helping those who are traveling along with the airport employees. As a Therapy Dog Team its our job to keep providing love and comfort even during the worst of times. He truly deserves the hero dog title, for all his hard work and years of service- Thank you

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