Sherlock — Service

Location: San Dimas, California

Sherlock has been my service dog for three years. During that time he has improved my quality of life greatly. As someone who suffers greatly from a history of trauma that led to a disability Sherlock’s services and unwavering support have allowed me to once again live a life just like everyone else. When he works with me his demeanor is quiet and calm yet he is ever watchful and willing to assist me at a moments notice. Sherlock accompanies me most everywhere and always has my back. He is an immensely helpful and loyal little guy and I am extremely grateful to have him. He is kind, dedicated, full of love and extremely hard working despite the fact that the world has not always been this way towards him. Sherlock is a rescue dog and was living on the streets before he came to me to train as my service dog. Against all odds Sherlock went from a lonely street dog to the greatest companion I have ever known. Sherlock is not just my service dog, he is also my best friend. Due to his character, resiliency, and hard work ethic as well as his performance as my psychiatric service dog I believe he is deserving of the nomination of the Hero Dog Award.

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