Sherlock — Shelter

Location: Kenton, Ohio

Hello my dogs name is Sherlock. My husband and I found Sherlock in a animal shelter in Fairbanks Alaska while my husband was stationed at ft. Wainwright army base. When we approached his cage at the shelter it said warning use caution may bite. That did not discourage my husband from wanting this dog. They instantly clicked. My husband served 12 almost 13 years in the military and crowds of people make him very anxious. Without any training Sherlock seemed to have picked up on my husbands anxiety in public and will sit backward watching my husband’s back when he’s at the store. This simple act provides a lot of comfort for my husband. If you are having an exceptionally bad day sherlock will just come sit in front of you and just leans against you until you feel better. Sherlock was given a second chance to have a family and a home. I honestly believe that he’s grateful and he just spreads love wherever he goes. He has been such a blessing and wonderful addition to our family.