Simon — Shelter

Location: Mankato, Minnesota

Simon (originally named Swiss) was one of 13 puppies born at an animal control facility that was going to euthanize his entire litter at the age of six weeks. His litter (and his mother) was rescued with 30 minutes notice by Secondhand Hounds. The entire litter was named after types of cheese upon their release from the facility.

Swiss was adopted as a puppy, but he was returned to Secondhand Hounds at the age of 14 months due to a housing situation.

Swiss was in need of a new home. I fostered him and soon realized the challenges he presented. His first family didn’t speak English, so he needed to learn a new language. He was essentially a puppy in an adult dog’s body.

After fostering him for a few weeks, I adopted him and changed his name to Simon since he didn’t seem to understand his name was Swiss.

I created a Facebook page for Simon to share his quirks, habits, silly antics and personality traits. The feedback I’ve received over the years has been wonderful. So many people have told me they look forward to his posts on social media because he brings joy, happiness and humor to their daily life. I’ve received many private messages thanking me for sharing his adventures with the public. I never imagined this adorable, but misunderstood pup would mean so much to so many people. He’s not only a bright spot in my life, but to the 11,000 plus people that follow his adventures and antics.

He’s a very special, and very loved pup with an incredible set of eyebrows!

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