Sissy Roo — Service

Location: Elizabethton, Tennessee

I don’t think every dog can be a service dog. The training for a dog is constant and everyday thing. I believe you have to have a bond with your dog though. Sissy Roo has improved my life. I can go out into public with a lot less fear of anxiety attacks, or huge spikes in my blood pressure and even walk down aisle with worrying about falling into someone else. The emotional bond Sissy Roo and I have is like any other I’ve had with a dog. Having a service dog assist me with my everyday life has made it so I don’t have to worry about being disabled. Sissy Roo and I both count on each other and I know 100% that she will be there for me. She is not a pill that I have to take everyday to help with my mental health. She is a living breathing thing that loves me no matter what. Having a service dog like Sissy Roo has given me the freedom to know that when I need to do something in public she will be there to assist me with the tasks she is trained for.

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