Sobee — Service

Location: Holts Summit, Missouri

Living hopelessly and suffering from human neglect with only two days left on the euthanasia list in an overcrowded shelter in Georgia to living a purposeful life with my combat veteran in Missouri, my name is Sobee.

Sobee was rescued by K9’s on the Front Line in 2016, and began her training as a service dog for a veteran seeking rescue to complete the daily tasks that each of us commonly engage. Jason Howe, a disabled combat veteran in MO was secretly fighting internal demons with PTSD and addiction after returning from two deployments in the U.S. Navy. While Jason spiraled into a dark place, he found himself in Maine talking with a high school friend that introduced him to Dr. Hagen ____ of K9’s on the Front Line, non-profit organization that rescues/trains service dogs for combat veterans.

Sobee and Jason were paired together in 2016, and an instant bond was built between each other. Jason began to feel the weight lifting off his chest, he now had a sense of responsibility with Sobee by his side. Jason would put two feet on the ground each day instead of covering up in bed and self-medicating, he felt some self-worth. Sobee is trained to assist Jason with panic attacks, and watch over Jason when in public places. Sobee has also been the reason Jason has found himself assisting and training service dogs for K9’s on the Front Line-Missouri chapter. The bonded pair are paying it forward to other veterans, and have successfully trained ___ service dogs to date

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